Manifesting The Mansion

Martin Luther King said “I have a dream…”

(His dream was greater, and more altruistic, than mine! Although, I do have an altruistic dream, and that is, one day, in the UK, all childcare will be tax deductable. Watch out, whoever, is in Government, because when I have all my ducks in a row, I am coming for you with this, and it will happen.)

Anyway, back to my dream. We, currently, live in military quarters. It’s great. I have a magnificent view from my bedroom window. A coveted view, which is nearly shared with Darren Anderton, and Teddy Sheringham, or whoever is renting their mansions, down the road. We pay a fraction of the rent that they pay. However, each winter, I do spend a colossal amount of money, heating the great outdoors. I know the double glazing is a flawed, because the curtains billow when the window is closed.

We love living in quarters; rent is cheap, hubby’s commute is minutes few, I am surrounded by folk who know what it’s like to love, and loathe, your husband, and they never say ‘I don’t know how you do it?’

(By this, they are referring to the prolonged absences, sans husband, while, he either, flies into the face of certain death, or practices, at irregular hours, how to fly into the face of certain death.)

But, I am 37 years old, and husband has hit the big 40, so it’s time to summon the mansion. We, simply, can’t live in quarters forever, and, we both want to live in a gorgeous, big house, with lots of rooms and storage, with a bit of land.

We are property spotters; avid Kirsty and Phil fans. My husband is in love with Sarah Beeney, partly because of her incredibly impressive rack, but, also, because of her dulcet tones, which lull him (and me a bit, but not quite as much) into yearning for property ownership and re-development.

We watch her show, with our head in our hands, screaming to the tv, ‘why don’t you listen to her you crazy fools!’. (Why do they never listen to her? It is a genuine mystery. Mind you after yesterday, I received some sage advice from my literary agents, which I don’t want to take, and they are very sage indeed, so I do get it, a bit. I am still in inner conflict, so I haven’t, technically, not yet taken their advice! Plus, I might have to close the chapters, and learn the lesson. I can’t let people down.)

Dan Brown’s, The Lost Symbol brought radical change into to my life. My neighbour is working with an eccentric entrepreneur, called Harry Massey. The LA premiere of his film called The Living Matrix was about to happen.

It focuses on the principles of Noetic Science,
(Noetic sciences are explorations into the nature and potentials of consciousness using multiple ways of knowing—including intuition, feeling, reason, and the senses. Noetic sciences explore the “inner cosmos” of the mind such as consciousness, soul, spirit, and how it relates to the “outer cosmos” of the physical world.)

including, explanations from five experts in the field, all of which, had been named in Dan Brown’s latest tome. One of these experts was a writer, called Lynne Mactaggart.

A flurry of excitement ensued, and I began providing PR support for the premiere of the film. As a result of this work, I was lucky enough to meet Lynne Mactaggart, and to learn more about her wisdom and writing. She has written a book called ‘The Intention Experiment’, which was also featured in The Lost Symbol.

The basic principle of intention is, that everything starts with an idea, and then you focus on realising that idea.

This is not Aladdin. It’s not possible to rub the lamp, summon the Genie, make the wish and ‘poof’, the wish is granted. The intention has to be devised, implemented and executed. Some may call it a strategy.

However, for the intention to manifest the idea needs to be cast into the cosmos. Today, I am official and publicly manifesting the mansion, with the lots of rooms, a kitchen garden, grounds and staff. I am summoning it. I do have a plan to get it, but I am officially putting it out there, to see what happens. I am joining the intention experiment.

There are seven things on the blues skies table, to date.

(I have to be careful, so some may be cryptically described. They are still in a ‘prior to the 12 week scan’ stage of development.)

On the blue skies table is:

1.) Immediate Response by Major Mark Hammond RM DFC with Clare Macnaughton
a. Hardback to sell out
b. Paperback to be a stellar international success
c. To secure a US rights deal
d. To be made in a film, screenplay by William Burroughs, directed by Susanna White, produced by Sam Mendes, Hammond played by Daniel Craig

2.) Kristal Waters by Alice Carroll
a non fiction, Superyacht expose; a Hotel Babylon with teeth
to be picked up by Transworld

3.) Brothers by Alan Rind
(mentored by Clare Macnaughton)
‘two Islamic, British, Pakistani brothers put loyalty to the ultimate test’
to be picked up by Transworld

4.) The Penguin Conspiracy by Alex Pratt
(mentored by Clare Macnaughton)
‘two children escape their vile parents, into another dimension ruled by pirates, where the Penguins are trying take over the world’
to be picked by Bloomsbury

5.) Our fabulous online magazine to be an international and lucrative success

6.) To collectively redefine communication in the UK military

7.) To collaboratively change global consciousness to alternative health

If, all of the above, could please happen, then the Universe can you please manifest me a mansion.

In the immortal words of The Lion King…’It is time’….

(GULP!! Right..I have said it now. It’s out there. Watch this space.)