The Dawn of the New Decade – Happy New Year

The beginning of the new decade is the start of my new life, new ideals and new business. Talking to people at the fabulous fortieth birthday & New Years Eve party I attended last night, I discovered that people are afraid to say out loud what they want. It’s as if they don’t even dare to dream. If they do know what they want they can’t bring themselves to state it. How do you make your dreams a reality, if you don’t know what they are? How can dreams become a reality, if you don’t put them out there?

I am daring to dream. I am willing to state my intentions. I have no fear of failure because to try and not succeed is better than not trying at all. This is the dawn of the new decade and the work begins in earnest. I have lots to do and I am excited about the future. It’s a time to change and it’s a time to grow….2010 Bring it on. Happy New Year. Dare to dream. State your intentions. Ask the universe out loud. What have you got to lose?


6 comments on “The Dawn of the New Decade – Happy New Year

  1. Rich says:

    Happy New Year,

    have fun

    have fun doing it

    whilst doing it have fun

    have fun at the people who are not doing it

    join in the fun with people who are doing it,



  2. Catosays says:

    Belated wishes for a Happy New Year.

  3. vanessa1253 says:

    Hi Ms. Clare;
    I am working my dream to become my realitiy in this 2011 year. Check out my website at: and tell me what you think, please. Feel free to share the link with other. I working to see my book become a “bestseller.” I love living and I want to live this life trying to make the best of it for me and others and those I come in contact with. Do you know of any economic book printers? I’m trusting God all the way as I strive to be the best Vanessa King I can be, in the name of Jesus. Have a blessed year!

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